Image courtesy of @hatrikhouse and @kiraceline

There are very few Australian brands that can get the already exhausted fashion set beachside in the middle of winter for a sunrise show. The exception to the rule however, being that of COMMAS.

The resort brand founded by husband and wife duo Emma and Richard Jarman, was named after the punctuation mark, encouraging the notion of finding moments in life to take a pause and be present.

Also present at the show was the singer Ruel, who walked in what was his first runway show to date.

The collection itself took inspiration from the natural landscapes and coastline of Sydney with soft beige, green and dark colour ways found in their series of kaftans, linens and floaty over shirts.

Read Emma Jarman's guide to Europe HERE and sign up to commas.cc to stay tuned.

Image courtesy of @hatrikhouse and @kiraceline