Roughly two hours from Cancun, Tulum is a rest bite paradise. Made famous in the 70s for being a yogis havan, it’s a perfect combination of delicious food, Aztec ruins, and daiquiris by the beach.

NAME: Lizzie Dingle WHAT YOU DO: Film Producer and Director SOCIALS: @lizziedingleofficial STAR SIGN: Sagittarius LIVING : Sydney, Australia LOCATION : Tulum, Mexico


When looking at accommodation there are two main areas you can stay in. One is the beachside strip, which is a dirt road that houses resorts, beach clubs, restaurants, and shops. The other is downtown Tulum, which is more cafe and retail-focused. We opted to stay at Live Tulum in downtown Tulum. 

When choosing between which area to stay it really depends on what type of holiday you are after, if you want to spend your days by the beach, I would really recommend staying in the strip.  If you are planning more of an adventure holiday of visiting the Aztec ruins and cenotes then the downtown might be more your flavour. 

It is relatively easy to go between the beach strip and downtown, however, they aren’t walking distance and do involve a flat rate cab ride ( and as the beach strip is essentially a dirt road except for traffic jams).


Posada Margherita One of the best pasta dishes I’ve had outside of Italy, it was so fresh and so flavoursome. The fish was so ridiculously fresh and eating it with sand in your toes and the waves right next to you were magical. The perfect meal if you’ve overdosed on tacos. 

Coco Tulum 

Coco Tulum is a beach club in Tulum. They have a minimum spend of $50 USD. I would recommend getting there early in the morning, to really use the club. You get a private area which has so many lounging options! From a bed to bean bags, you are really able to spend all day moving around to what works best for you. The best thing is the waiters are never pushy about when you have to buy something and when you order lunch it’s the most heavenly fish tacos, ceviche salads, and guacamole. There is something so luxurious about having a Margherita and a fish taco beachside. 


Just as we ordered our food beachside a thunderstorm rolled through. What was meant to ruin our outdoor ambiance turned into the most magical dining experience. Sitting around cushions being served the most heavenly food mid thunderstorm.


Visit Casa Malca for a Sundowner Casa Malca, formerly Pablo Esocobar’s beachside mansion now a hotel owned by an art collector and styled like a contemporary art museum. Wonder around the different themed bars before making your way up to the rooftop for a phenomenal sunset showcasing all Tulum has to offer. 

Stay on the beach all day

Most of the beach clubs have a minimum spend, however, it lasts all day and they never pressure us into leaving (until sunset when you have to leave the beach so the turtles can lay their eggs!) I’d recommend getting there in the morning and using it all day. The waitstaff never pesters you and the food and drinks are so consistently good. 

Visit a Cenote

They are beautiful naturally occurring freshwater sinkholes. Be under no illusions the water is so cold and there are bats! But they are beautiful and you’ll see some turtles swimming around. I’d recommend getting there as early as possible as they are really popular with other tourists.


The beach strip When you drive down the beach strip the shops along with it really seem very upmarket touristy, don’t let that put you off you can find some really amazing local hidden gems in these shops.


Beach Club attire.