Have a hot date but the thought of a salad spinner fills you with fear? Well never fear, because some of the best recipes involve the smell of a sexy fireplace and won't require any time spent near an *open flame.

*cute candles excluded

Pictured above Hinoki Lab Essential Oil – Branch & Leaf from Provider Store + Ganni x Boy Smells Park Life Candle + Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque from Aesop.

Set the mood and make your 1 bedroom in Paddington seem fancier than it is with the Bastide Ambre Soire Candle from Mecca. Dreamy, complex and thoroughly modern - just like you girl. It was inspired by golden hour in Provence for nights accompanied by wine and memorable conversation. 45-50 hours burn time. So plenty of time to tell your Hinge date about your trauma of being a horse girl in primary school. Now, for those that have progressed to the third date and are scared of making themselves acquainted with the water closet, no one will ever dare to question your parting gift being the scent of a Fornasetti Otto Room Spray from Mecca. The pièce de résistance to my sexy fireplace scent cocktail is the Sufi Perfume Oil by Ayu. Any girl from the Eastern suburbs can smell like Santal 33, however it's the bright herbaceous notes of coriander and peppermint crushed together with pink pepper, patchouli, sandalwood and amber that does it for me. The oil format it is delivered in is also incredibly chic, perfect for brushing the excess through your hair and can cover up the stench of a deep hangover at work the next day.

She is serving fresh, bright, cute realness!! That's my JVN impression. Anyway! My dream has always been for someone to describe my scent as a chic Japanese forest and so all plans involve washing off the workday with the Le Labo Hinoki Showergel from Mecca. Designed to give you a moment of serenity you are definitely lacking in your life. What is more fun than a fancy shower gel. Not much, I can tell you that! The next step of our layer cake involves bringing some life back into those limbs of yours! Ayurvedic medicine believes in the power of giving yourself a quick 5min massage each day to get the blood flow going and to give yourself some TLC. I mean, I have tried to get my boyfriend to give me a massage, don't get me wrong. Like most things however, you can definitely do almost anything better than your partner can. The Juniper Berry, Petitgrain & Vetiver Body Oil from Ayu is luxe, cooling and stimulating to the body and mind. So perfect for while you watch Emily in Paris and your brain has left the fkn building. To top it off, the Goldfield & Banks

Bohemian Lime Perfume Concentrate from Sephora is fresh with Australian finger lime and coriander which mellow out to reveal grounding notes of woody vetiver and sandalwood. We all need a bit of grounding in our lives correct? Top Notes: Tropical & Punchy - Australian Finger Lime, Bergamot Italy, Mandarine Brazil, Coriander Seeds.

Middle Notes: Carefree & Mellow - Vetiver Haiti, Cedarwood Atlas Morocco, Georgywood.

Base Notes: Vibrant & Lingering - Sandalwood Album Australia, Patchouli Indonesia, Amber.

Fun fact, my friend assisted on Aquamarine the movie. I have been telling her it needs to be in her bio but she just won't listen! Regardless, for those wanting to smell like a sexy, confused mermaid here is the cocktail we are serving this happy hour. 1 Part - Officine Universelle Buly Eau Triple Scottish Lichen Perfume from Mecca. This is what I like to think Jamie from Outlander would smell like and I don't wish to be told otherwise. It's like the rolling green hills from The Sound of Music married some cute stones covered in salty Scottish lichen and I know that makes no sense but just trust me on this. It's a vibe. Now I would love to know who Paula is because Paula's Ibiza Perfume by LOEWE is floral, acquatic, ambery (unsure if a real word) and is layered with bright green galbanum and Madagascan mandarin oils. Making it far more spontaneous than me and bottled escapism as far as I am concerned. After all that time in the water, the Leif Blue Cyprus Conditioner will bring tired strands back to life. Featuring Blue Cypress, an ingredient valued for its vivid blue colour—comes together with other native botanicals to nourish the scalp and smooth hair follicles with a zesty lemon scent to round out the dish.

For our flower children that aren't a fan of the sickly sweet floral scents of our Chemist warehouse youth. Your ancient hatchback that knew a time before power steering can suddenly become a vibe with the Diptyque Car Diffuser With Roses Insert from Mecca. Designed to clip onto the air vent of your car, it's an elegant fragrance diffuser that will fill your vehicle with the refreshing scent of roses in bloom and mask any leftover scent of spilt Barry's Smoothies. Feel exotic and elegant with a scent inspired by the incredibly rare Mojave Ghost flower that blossoms in the arid Mojave Desert, this fragrance is exotic, alluring and delicate just like you my little flower. It's found in the BYREDO Mojave Ghost EDP from Mecca and looks cute on any desk. Finally you can bring the garden indoors with the Diptyque Baies Candle from Mecca One of the French fragrance house's most iconic scents, its name translates to berries, with the scent being made of a perfect blend of freshly picked blackcurrant berries and blooming roses. Sounds like a bit fun right?