NAMES: Emma Read & Ana Page

WHAT DO YOU DO: Stylist, Writer and Creative Consultant & Drinks Creator

SOCIALS: @emmaread & @razorcheekbones1

STAR SIGNS: Taurus & Virgo

LIVING: Potts Point, Sydney


Airbnb it in the old town – it’s like Italy and Greece had a little architectural lovechild. Cobblestone streets, whitewashed walls, maze-like laneways with the odd pastel dream house thrown in too.

The most ‘grammed beach Cala Porto is right next door + plenty of eateries to grab a spritz en route.


Seafood, without question – fritti for days! Try Tomatilo in the old town. We also loved Roscoli in the mornings for coffee and every bakery treat under the sun (Italians love a sweet breakfast) – the croissant filled with pistachio cream is next level. For the non-seafood lovers there’s plenty of Napoli-style pizza joints scattered around too.

Must eat dish in this area. Can be multiple things! Calamari fritti fresh from the ocean with a generously sized Campari spritz.

Follow it up with an almond granita.


Start at Cala Porto then follow the coast up to the left – there’s a naturally formed ocean pool five minutes walk away that’s perfect if a rocky beach isn’t your speed.

Get a boat tour through the caves too if you can – the grottos scattered along the coastline are not to be missed.


It’s pretty lo-fi on the retail front, but great if you’re looking for eyewear – most stores had vintage frames for a steal.

If you’re into beauty and love a French pharmacy vibe Italy delivers – they’re big on skincare apparently, and most pharmacies are a trove of mass and European brands.


A few bikinis, sandals and sneakers (trotting around on those cobblestones = flats only), and slides for swimming (those rocks can be painful barefoot). Being on the coast it can get a little fresh in the evening so a blazer to throw over your summer dresses wouldn’t go astray.