We’ve finally made it to the best time of the year. Christmas? Hell no, I’m talking Panettone season! An oasis where sweet bread can be consumed in abundance without judgement and consequence. And this year I’m taking my

Panettone passion to the next level with D.O.C Sydney’s first ever Panettone collab and Christmas pack. Without a doubt the perfect companion for your (10 person) festive gatherings or, as previously mentioned, a solo ‘event’.

The pack will include the Melbourne cult classic D.O.C Panettone (seriously this is the stuff I dream of year-round) paired with a fresh, lively natural drop from Pet Nat Fattoria Sardiimported exclusively by D.O.C.

The D.O.C Panettone + Pet Nat Fattoria Sardi pack will retail for $80 and be ready for pickup in store.

Single buy Panettone are also available at $50.

D.O.C’s Panettone will be available in three flavours:

  • Classic Panettone - Panettone with raisins and candied fruit

  • Chocolate and Pear - Panettone with dark chocolate drops and pieces of pear

  • Crema Pasticcera - Panettone stuffed with classic custard

How could you choose just one?