NAME: Caitlin Hicks

SOCIALS: @caitlin__hicks


LIVING : Melbourne but I just got back from a year abroad :)

LOCATION : The West Coast of Oaxaca!!!


Base yourself in La Punta! It’s super easy to travel along the coastline from here and the vibe is super chill.

Make sure you spend a few nights in a Cabaña at Lagunas de Chacahua National Park. It’s is a hidden gem for any die hard surfer or beginner.

Stay in Playa Zipolite; a super chill nude beach which just happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen.


Get off the main street in La Punta and check out the eateries where the locals are eating.

Cocina Económica is the best for cheap burritos.

La Sala Rosa for drinks and tacos.

Koko’s for heavenly tacos.

Piyoli Punta Zicatela for solid, hearty meals.

Rebel Society for epic vegan options (run by some lovely expats from Melbourne!!).

Make sure you try chilaquiles verdes, sopas and tostada’s.


Buy beer from the Oxxo and take it to Playa Zicatela for a sunset swim.

There are incredible crowds of people swimming, playing volleyball and sinking a beer come 5pm. Even hike up the cliffs to the left of the beach for a better view. Grab the boat across the laguna to Chacahua.

Enjoy a few days without internet, take a book and enjoy the swell. In Chacahua go on a bio-luminescence tour. The boats take you to the middle of the lagoon and you feel as if you’re swimming amongst the stars.

Rent a board and go for a sunrise surf at Playa Carrizalillo.

Laze and swim at Playa Coral, Playa Zicatela and Playa Zipolite. Hike over the Punta Zicatela view point to the Campamento de proteccion y conservacion de tortugas marinas.

The amazing volunteers here look after turtle eggs which are prone to theft. During the hatching season, you can watch the baby turtles run into the ocean at sunset.

Most importantly: RELAX!!!


The markets throughout Oaxaca state are full of great bags, beaded jewellery and food!! Make sure you buy some beaded bracelets sold by vendors on the side of the road.

A lot of corner stores have perfectly kitschy postcards.


Bathers, sunnies, a hat, a book, and ocean-friendly sunscreen!