Chantal Bacon founded Moon Juice after a health battle and autoimmune condition prompted her to overhaul her diet and lifestyle, embracing traditional remedies and all-things woo woo.

What originally started as a juice bar has quickly evolved into a supplements and skincare brand which pairs sciences with adaptogenic plants, traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese practices claiming to help with everything from increased libido to concentration and sleep. With names like Sex Dust, Dream Dust and Brain Dust, and cute branding, it was only a matter of time before Moon Juice captured the attention of the internet.

“When we opened 10 years ago, I would’ve said that I’d be the least likely person to formulate skincare. Editors and retailers were always asking for it but skincare wasn’t something I even used or believed in. I had a very simple routine, a bar of soap and sometimes an oil, my focus was on holistic health.” However once Chantal hit per mid-thirties, she endeavoured to upgrade her minimalist routine. The problem: most effective skincare products had ingredients that didn’t align with her lifestyle. “I wasn’t ready to let go of my new skin, so I got to work in creating my own.”

Until recently accessing the Moon Juice range had been impossible from Australia however our favourite beauty retailer MECCA recently added to its range of efficacious, clean beauty and is stocking the brands complete skincare offering including:

Milk Cleanse To washes away impurities and makeup. Coconut ferment and Silver Ear Mushroom become creamy bubbles that match your skins’ pH, hydrate, nourish, and never strip.

Acid Potion Resurfacing Exfoliator

With a magic combination of Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic Acid help unclog pores and resurface for smoother skin. Niacinamide and adaptogenic Reishi help hydrate, soothe, and balance.

Plump Jelly

Hyaluronic Acid and peptides synergistically hydrate around

cells. Beet Amino Acid and Silver Ear Mushroom deliver water into cells and lock it in for elasticity and bounce.

Cosmic Cream Emollient fatty acids and mushroom boost elasticity and seal in moisture. Ashwagandha helps protect your skin from accelerated aging, blue light, and collagen breakdown.

Holy Yoni

An adaptogenic blend of Schisandra Berry Extract, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil.

Available online and in-store at MECCA