NAME: Emma Gott

WHAT DO YOU DO: VIP Relations Manager

SOCIALS: @gott_mash

STAR SIGN: Left handed Pisces which makes me a super powered aquatic 

LIVING: North Bondi, Australia

The sun is always shining in LA and the vibe is infectious. Live like a local, which means starting the day with the latest fitness fad and some kind of super power granting green smoothie and ending it with mezcal and dancing at a dirty dive bar.  


Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

Fave place to stay in LA. It’s pokey and a bit run down which adds to the magic. 

Take a long lazy lunch in the courtyard and you might spot an Olsen twin or Lindsay Lohan in between rehab stints.


Moon Juice The bomb! I always stock up on Sex Dust an adaptogen blend which does cosmic wonders for your skin and mind and helps to counter balance the lag! Pick up a Moon Milk super smoothie when you are there and sip whilst exploring Melrose Place.

Sushi Park Local gem, located in a very unassuming strip mall. BEST sushi experience of my life. Go with a hungry belly.

Sunset Towers Go here for the best dirty martini in LA. Enjoy on the rooftop and watch the sun go down over the city. Also good for celeb spotting. 

Mezcal  Drink like the locals drink, order neat with fresh lime and lots of ice. 


LA has the best workouts in the world, I always try and squeeze a few. Great for combatting jet lag / giant American serving sizes. 

Lagree Supra, West Hollywood: (pilates on crack, the instructor operates the machine by remote and it moves around whilst you hang on for dear life / work your core) 

Barry’s  West Hollywood and Venice Beach: Mixture of weights and running to killer beats in a dark ‘red’ room – guaranteed to feel 10 times better than when you arrived. 

Runyon Canyon  Hike to the top for a killer view of the city 

Rose Bowl Flea Market  Second Sunday of every month – peruse the treasures and trinkets. 

Venice Beach  Head down for brunch in the sunshine and then wander along the boardwalk.


Glossier, Melrose Place: Stock up on the pastel hued, cult beauty products that they don’t deliver to Australia (bittersweet). The space is the dreamy brainchild of ultimate boss gal Emily Weiss.

Maxfields, West Hollywood: Multi Brand concept store. Go for the Celine or just for the people watching… the valet is always full of the most gangster cars. I saw Jay-Z last time I was there. 

Erewhon, Venice Beach / The Grove: I could happily spend hours here. If Wholefoods had a younger, and cooler sister, than Erewhon would be it. Be ready to leave with a swag of life changing things you didn’t know you needed and a much lighter wallet. 


I am yet to nail the art of packing… I’m all about options and tend to leave it to the last minute. I also have a habit of packing outrageous pieces that I would never wear at home but seem like a great idea to include. Going to the beach? Pack a giant, sequin cape! Off to the snow? 7 pairs of togs! 

That said, when visiting LA I always try to include vitamins, trainers, one jazzy outfit, bathers, a comfy jumper and a some fun sunnies and I’m hot to go!