NAME: Little Albion Guest House

LOCATION: Surry Hills, Sydney

SOCIALS: @littlealbionguesthouse


Walking into the Little Albion is akin to walking into the home of your favourite aunt and uncle.

For me that experience was always an amalgamation of warmth, comfort and inspiration (The inspiration manifesting itself in each and every flawless finish used throughout the space).

Being greeted by Wendy furthered this experience and left me wishing she had been the alternate for every less than desirable family member you ever had to endure each holiday season.

Truly one of the sweetest women I think I have ever met.

Being guided throughout the property with Wendy we paused in the common area which is home to the honour bar (continuing that beaut family feel) and also the breakfast bar.

This is where I had to exercise every ounce of restraint to not fill my luggage with every single portion of Pepe Saya the following morning.

FYI: Pepe Saya is the holy grail of cultured butters thriving in an already saturated and competitive market.

The Pepe Saya garnered many extra points in my book just FYI.

Finally retiring to my room I contemplated some of lifes biggest questions in what was seemingly the largest and softest bed that I had ever rested these lil strands of hair on.

Just for your reference I am 6”1 and still struggled to find where one side started and the other ended and trust me - Oooh boy did I try. That was a true highlight.

Once I had freshened up from my exhausting trip all the way from Paddington, I skrrted up to the roof top via the honour bar and had all of me Sex and The City fantasies fully realised.

Albeit a few members of the gang were missing but I didn’t let that stop me tbh.

It was equal parts parts exhilarating and relaxing being met with the city sky line but also the peacefulness you wouldn’t expect being placed smack bang in the centre of Sydney.