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Baixa House. Found in a super convenient location down by the water, there’s only 13 tastefully decorated apartments, each named after a different park in Lisbon. 

It was well priced, clean, big, beautifully designed and it felt like you lived there.

You never saw staff, but somehow your room was kept clean and every day at 8am fresh bread was hung on your door and the fridge was filled with house made jams, cheese and muesli pots.


Good and fresh food in Lisbon is not hard to come by. The seafood was fresh, the cocktails were strong, the natural wine was epic and even the coffee was top-notch.


Portuguese tarts obvs. The original birth place of these pastries is in De Belem, but I refused to cue over an hour so we ditched it and went to a cafe a few doors up and they were amazing. In fact, every tart we ate was.

Wash it down with a shot of Ginja.

Coffee: Hello Kristof

Hello Kristof was delightful! They made a 10/10 coffee and had the best selection of independent magazines to peruse. The spiced carrot cake was pretty good too.

Lunch: Prado

Slightly on the finer side, Prado is well known for their paddock-to-plate style dishes and natural wine selection. The decor is minimal but well thought out, the food was creative and the service was very attentive.

If you don't feel like dining in, just around the corner is Prado Mercearia where you can buy fresh produce, wine and goodies to take away.

Dinner: Ramiro

I take back what I said, I will wait an hour if there’s beer! Wait times are min an hour, but make sure you have a few 2€ handy as there is an outdoor beer machine that will keep you occupied and hydrated while you are listening out for your number to be called. 

Don't expect any greenery here, the only thing you can order is seafood. They also supply the table with buttery garlic bread that's perfect for mopping up the sauce from your delicious prawns and lobster. Don’t forget to order a bottle of sangria. 



Take a little walk around the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. It doesn't take too long and the building is very special.  

Belém Tower

While a little touristy, it was fun to hire Lime scooters and ride by the Belém Tower and along the water.

The National Museum of Contemporary Art

A beautiful building, housing beautiful art. Both old and new.

LX Factory

Located in an industrial state, LX Factory is a hub for cool cafes, trendy bars and great shops. Well worth a walk around but go hungry!


Breakfast at hotel.

Costa Da Caparica

One of the best things to do in summer is get an uber to Costa Da Caparica. It's a long beautiful beach where the locals go. We sat at Posto 9, drank spritz and swam in the ocean. It’s only at 20min drive away.


The Castelo de São Jorge

A nice thing to do on an afternoon is to go up to this castle. There are little wine carts where you can get a glass of red and over look the city. It was breath taking.

Snack + Wine: Comida Independente

This little gem is found in Santos, an upcoming trendy area. Comida is a specialty grocery store that has an incredible selection of natural wine from all around the world.

Do a wine tasting, select something from their deli and take home some tinned sardines. 

Dinner: Senhor Uva

This was the best dining experience we had. Located up a steep hills, this little restaurant was completely vegetarian and their natural wine list couldn't be beaten.

The French waiter was so knowledgable and passionate about the wine makers and the food producers that it made the entire experience even more enjoyable. Plates are small so you can eat as many or little as you like.

If you have time during your stay, Lisbon have some very good flea markets. We bought some antique tiles.