NAME: Bella Bray


SOCIALS: @bellabray1

LIVING: Melbourne, Australia

LOCATION: Istanbul, Turkey


Beyoğlu!! A district on the European side of the city. There are so many cute boutiques, independent art galleries and places to eat.

It’s also a really easy walk to Kadıköy, The Bosphorous and Taksim square.

If you’re wanting to stay on the Anatolian side of the city I’d stay in Kadıköy.

The best produce markets I saw in Istanbul were in this area, and lots of really interesting antique stores.


Everything I ate in Istanbul was incred!!!!

Food wise it’s my new favourite city.

My faves were - Doğacıyız for traditional Turkish breakfast!! Get their signature breakfast spread with pomegranate juice.

It was probably the best thing I ate on this trip.

Think yum baked eggs, multiple types of cheese, olives and fresh flat bread with as much Turkish tea as you can consume.

Vegan Istanbul in Beyoglu for all you’re vegan dolma needs.

Yiğit Sofram GözlemeveKahvaltı – For baked eggs (Menemen) and fresh Gözleme!


Go to a Hamman – One of my favourite experiences! I usually prefer any of the more local ones where the experience feels a bit less touristy, though If you wanna go somewhere luxe ÇUKURCUMA HAMAMI 1831 is Amazing!

The Sunday Flea market at Feriköy Antika Pazari.

There is everything from vintage coats and sunglasses, furniture, and old cameras. When you’re done with foraging head to the little food section for eggplant gözleme and tea!

Get a ferry across the Bosphorous. One of the best ways to understand the city, and it’s history.

Istanbul Modern The most popular contemporary art gallery in Istanbul. Majority of their exhibitions are Turkish artists.

Also the Blue Mosque is a must visit!


Pandora Bookstore They have a whole floor that stocks English books and a section for local literature that you often couldn’t find internationally.

All the antique stores on Çukurcuma Caddesi in Beyoğlu.

The majority of the street is filled with them. If you’re happy to hunt a little you’ll always find something interesting.

Fil Books

A bookstore, café and working space in Karaköy that has a really interesting selection of art and photography books from local artists.