Travel around India with the gorgeous Bella Bray. Visit the last street photographer of Jaipur, journey across the country via train and visit the best bookstores whilst trying the best street food in Pondicherry.

NAME: Bella Bray

SOCIALS: @bellabray1


LIVING : Melbourne, Australia



The Kumaon An incredible mountain resort in the Himalayan foothill region of Almora. Seriously one of the most incrediiiiible places I’ve ever been. Cannot recommend any more.

Brijrama Palace Varanasi

A tiny bit of stillness on the banks of the Ganges, in ever chaotic Varanasi.


For me, half the reason I come to India is for all the amazing food. There is definitely too much to list here but here are some of my faves:

Traditional Banana Leaf Thali Typically a Southern Indian meal, so if you’re anywhere in the South seek it out!

Think an assortment of vegetarian curries, coconut & mango chutneys, papadums, and waaay more rice than you’ve ever consumed in a sitting, all eaten with your hands off a fresh banana leaf plate. Come hungry because they’ll keeping topping up your plate till your done!

Lassi Wala In Jaipur

This is the most famous lassi shop in Jaipur. Though if you ask the locals, they’ll point you in the direction of a few others that are equally as good but way less busy. The plain lassi with rose syrup on top is my go-to!

Coromandel Café in Pondicherry

For French/Indian fusion and v great coffee!

Chintz Boutique Café Pondicherry

A beautiful boutique with a great café!

These are some of my favourite South Indian snacks you have to try:

Idli A South Indian breakfast dish of steamed rice cakes with coconut chutney.

Masala Dosa A savoury crepe made of lentil flour and filled with potato curry. My all-time favourite food!

Vadai A fried savoury donut made of lentil and rice flour. Best eaten when they’re hot and crispy.


Check out Auroville An experimental town near Pondicherry. Super interesting to check out all the sustainable textile factories and local produce. 

Spend a few nights on a houseboat in the Kerala backwaters.

It’s a great escape from the noise and chaos of most of India, and a beautiful place to swim too!

Get trains everywhere!! Although they can be uncomfortable, and torturously long, it’s a super cheap way to travel whilst seeing the landscapes of India change.

Deserts, into tropics. Mountains into cities.

Amer Palace in Jaipur

Every palace or fort I’ve been to in Rajasthan in incredible, though this is definitely my favourite.

You could easily spend a whole day getting lost within it. 

Get into the Himalayas Some of my favourite areas are Mcleod Ganj, Kasar Devi, and Manali. If you’re there in hiking season it’s definitely worth finding a hike to do.

Tikam Chand Jaipur Jaipur’s last remaining street photographer!


WomenWeave For beautiful hand-woven clothing that’s sustainably made from local silks and khadis. I’m in love with everything they produce!

Naushad Ali

An amazing sustainable clothing brand!

CMYK Bookstore An amazing collection of Indian literature!


Bare Greens Powder Because you need some nutrients in between all the fried bread, and curries.

Earplugs Seriously the most necessary thing in a country that’s hard to find a quiet space. 

I opt for clothing that’s really loose and baggy, as it’s not really culturally appropriate in most areas for women to wear shorts or tight fitted clothes. 

A lot of hand sanitizer!!!