#InBedWith Artist, Chesca Athas

Artist Chesca Athas Only Collects Things That Make Her Happy

Welcome to our brand spanking new series, In Bed With, made in collaboration with our pals at The Sheet Society. On the surface it might just look like a really cool apartment series featuring really cool people, but in reality it’s so much more than that. In Bed With is an excuse to live out our most thrilling voyeuristic dreams (and, let’s be real, yours too): snooping around the homes of people with exquisite taste, becoming a fly on the wall of their shopping habits and interior styling choices. Today, we visit the cosy, colourful Mosman home of artist Chesca Athas…

Chesca Athas is a talented artist and stylist-in-the-making whose apartment is a colourful, four-walled ode to how keen her eye for detail is. Never one to shy away from having fun with her decor, she takes inspo from her mum (“she has put such a beautiful house together”) and lives by the simple mantra that you should always collect things that make you happy.

Chesca pictured with Dove Grey Tie-Dye from The Sheet Society

As proponents of doing things that make you happy, we suggest you get to know her better below (bedroom styling tips guaranteed) and then glimpse all her treasures in the gallery above. It should go without saying that checking out her art here afterwards is a must, too.

Name: Chesca Athas Location: Mosman Star sign: Gemini

Bedding: Dove Grey Tie-Dye from The Sheet Society

What is your elevator pitch? (I.e. who are you and what do you do?)

I am currently studying Fine Arts and also assisting as a stylist.

Where does your mind go when you hear the word ‘home’?

I think of my family home with everyone there! I come from a big family so it isn’t really home without all of them there.

How would you describe your home in five words?

Cosy, eclectic, full of art and creative.

What kinds of things do you think about when you’re decorating?

I think of the way all the colours and different textures go together. I want my home to feel really calm but also to have personality.

Is there any correlation between your personal style and your approach to decorating? Elaborate!

I feel like you can see a correlation between my personal style and my home! I don’t have one particular aesthetic and so I always love trying new things and seeing how they work together.

What is your most treasured possession and why?

I love pieces gifted to me by my mum and sisters, and my vases I have collected over the years.

What’s the best thing about your neighbourhood?

Being close to the water but also being close enough to the city to go to new restaurants and gallery openings.

Where is your favourite spot in your home to chill, and why?

I love setting up in the kitchen where I can draw and create and still chat with everyone.

Best place online/IRL to score a bargain?

Antique stores, HAY Store, Dinosaur Designs and Maison Balzac.

What are your hot tips for styling a bedroom?

Have fun, fresh sheets and make it cosy! Your bed is always the hero so make sure you want to spend all your time in it! I always think fresh flowers make a space so beautiful as well.

On the Marie Kondo to hoarder spectrum, where do you sit?

I generally don’t hoard anything! I definitely collect clothes and small pieces for my house but generally everything is quite neat and tidy.

Best Sunday morning read?

Leafing through old magazines and looking for inspiration or reading whatever book is on the go. At the moment I am reading American Dirt which I love!

Where do you find most of your decorating inspo? (Links would be great!)

I get most of my decorating inspiration from my Mum! She has put such a beautiful house together and is full of her favourite art pieces. It’s always really inspiring and such a beautiful place to be.

What are your morning and nighttime rituals?

In the morning I love getting coffee with my sister and (hopefully) stealing her dog Susan for the day. At night, I usually draw or do something creative to relax after the day.

What is the best piece of decorating wisdom you’ve ever received?

Collect things that make you happy!