Spring has sprung cute stuff and there is nothing we love more than some of the cutest new beauty products to glow and hydrate that little face of yours.

Summer Fridays — Jet Lag Mask


Designed for your tired, jet-laggy skin that has just suffered a 22-hour economy flight and staggering through fluro lit airports at 4am. It hydrates and smooooooths giving you that dreamy baby face that you forgot to pack before you embarked on your trip. Not to mention that a screw cap and kid sized tube is what packing dreams are made of.

Mecca Cosmetica — To Save Face SP50+

Protect that beautiful face of yours! Thick and creamy and slightly tinted, it moisturises and evens out your skin tone. Perfect to wear under your makeup or to wear alone! Can’t go wrong with SPF 50+. Literally ever.

Mecca Cosmetica — Lip De Luscious

MWA MWA!!! Hydrate your kissers with the OG Mecca Balm. SPF 25+ so you are being safe but stay cool with the cute as tint. Shea Butter, Hyaluronic filling spheres, Pomegranate seed oil & Vitamin E. YUM!

Officine Universelle Buly - Huile De Savon Mexican Tuberose Cleansing Oil

Screw cap and aesthetic bottle? TICK! It gently lathers to melt off make-up and the day without stripping the your skin and leaving that ick squeaky clean feeling. HOW? GLYCERIN! It prevents moisture loss and stops dry, scaly, sad air-conditioner/aeroplane skin in it’s tracks.

A tribute to the white tuberose flower, it’s vanillery and spiced and delish all over.

PS. It will also look super cute on your top shelf.

TATCHA — Violet C Brightening Serum

Glow baby glow! A natural AHA and Vitamin C serum that smooths out textured skin, prevents against hyper-pigmentation and brightens your skin! Love that for us.

Officine Universelle Buly — Scented Soap Sheets

A travel dream!

Soap sheets that melt in your hands, just add water.

Perfect for on the go, beautifully scented and teeny tiny enough to fit in your pocket. Also very cute looking!!

AMOREPACIFIC — Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration

WAKE UP WAKE UP! A cute as hydrating mist to refresh and reset. Infused with pure stabilized bamboo sap, rich in minerals and amino acids to re-energize dry or dull skin.

Throw in your carry on to hydrate throughout the flight and to wake up sleepy skin on arrival.