It’s been a tough year for the music industry and, if you’re anything like me, a tough year for livers. Enter Heaps Normal with the perfect solution, a new non-alcoholic beer that gives back aka the ‘Isol-Aide Haze IPA’.

Heaps Normal has partnered up with Isol-Aid (legends) to recognize all the hard work the festival has done to support the Aussie music industry in the last year. Seriously these guys are basically musical superheroes, giving Aussie musicians a platform while the industry gets back on its feet and uplifting the local music community.

Heaps Normal have been fans of the Isol-Aid Festival since it launched last year (and honestly, aren’t we all?) so it was a no brainer they’d come up with a brew that celebrates the special moments that only Australian live music can provide.

While we are on the subject, the beer is delicious. Evolving from the US’s east coast IPA style, the Hazy IPA leans towards a slightly sweeter finish and softer bitterness with big, juicy fruit flavours. Plus, it’s less than 0.5% ABV (your body will thank you).

This body and soul soother is available now for a limited time through Blackhearts + Sparrows (Australia-wide) and through the Heaps Normal website. Heaps Normal will also be donating $10 from every case directly back into the Isol-Aid festival.