When it comes to aesthetic gifting that makes you look far more capable and thoughtful than you actually are, there is none wiser than our fairy nut-mother, Bunnings warehouse DIY oracle and the Secret Santa of dreams, @flexmami to guide us through the season of roast potatoes and panic purchases.

We asked Flex WTF to gift in this year of chaos and below are 6 of her fave items that she would gladly gift herself. Because sometimes you have to be your own secret Santie 🎅🏻🤷‍♀️

1. A huge, possibly functional, but completely aesthetic candle. Like this one from Blazed Wax

2. An item they'd love but probably won't buy themselves, like this laser cut light from Domus Vim. You can go above and beyond, give them a gift card, so they choose what colours they'd like:

3. A high quality funky cushion is the perfect "lazy-but-looks-like-you-put-in-a-lot-of-effort" type gift. Like this one from Flex Factory:

4. A practical, and easily digestible personal development book is fail safe and makes you look like a well-rounded friend. One like this will be well received:

5. One of Aesop's Seasonal gift kits. I just received the 'Seasoned Wayfarer' one and now every, single, room in my house smells expensive:

6. How about a conversation card game, with interesting questions you actually want to answer (and hear the answer to). Like this ReFlex game: