NAME: Elle-Louise Burguez

WHAT DO YOU DO: Make art, music and books for children and adults

SOCIALS: @elle__musa


WHERE YOU ARE: On a plane to Italy by myself... I get very nervous flying


Menorca has some beautiful little bed and breakfast type places surrounded by fruit trees. We especially enjoyed the refurbished farm houses. I really love the Mediterranean feel of these two places:

Hotel Rural Biniarroca and Mandrakia

Biniarroca even served their own organic meals.

We were able to really relax in both of these lovely places and take day trips to beaches with our hire car. (I definitely recommened hiring a car to get around Menorca)

Biniarroca even served their own organic meals.

We were able to really relax in both of these lovely places and take day trips to beaches with our hire car. (I definitely recommened hiring a car to get around Menorca)

I would suggest eating and drinking at the vineyards. They are stunning and you can drink their wines and eat meals made with local produce. It is very romantic.

These were my favourite places.


This restaurant is right on the water of Cala Satandria beach. A beautiful small beach where you can swim out quite far and the. water is the most amazing bluey-green. We had a delicious vegetarian Paella here.

Binifadet A peaceful vineyard where we had patatas bravas and a vegetarian rice dish that was slightly sweet with beetroot and asparagus.

The wine was suburb.


Sitting by a beautiful sea with my loved ones is all that I want to do! We went to a few different beaches. Some of which had a nice hike along the way where you can see baby goats and beautiful trees. You walk and work up a sweat and end up at the most pristine waters. The island is full of beaches so any of the ones you choose will be heavenly.

You must hire a car in Menorca so you can drive around to vineyards and beaches. It’s nice to just drive through the small streets and see what you come across. We also loved to eat dinner overlooking the sea or grab some ingredients and make a meal at home and talk deeply and dance to music. The local Menorca gin is also really yum.

One day you can also hire a boat and take a picnic of wine and local foods to eat!


I didn’t go to the local markets but if I did I would have looked for home made aromatherapy oils. Lavender, rose, cinnamon, orange and peppermint are usually always in my bag.


I tried to pack as lightly as possible. The best items one can have are a few different silk slips! I bought my slips from ‘Silk Laundry’ and ‘Lee Matthews’ in a few different colours. They are so handy to just wear as they are or with T-shirts or blouses over the top.

2 slip dresses (silk laundry & Lee Matthews)

1 slip skirt - 2 T shirts (I love pure hemp)

1 pair of pants or jeans

1 blouse

1 set of pyjamas (Deiji Studios)

1 casual dress (Lilya)

1 cashmere jumper

1 set of swimmers and sun shirt (Matteau Swim, Soot the Label)

1 hat

1 pair of shoes

1 set of jewellery for dressing up ( I brought silver Holly Ryan hoops and rings)

I wear Rose Geranium oil at the moment as a perfume

Lavender oil to help you sleep and for sunburn!


I also always pick a few things for health upkeep.

These all have many benefits so I’d suggest looking up more if you are interested :)

Medicinal mushroom powders like Reishi, Chaga, He Shou Wu (add to your coffee to calm the high and to deliver the incredible benefits of the herbs)

Charcoal powder (after drinking alcohol or to bind any toxins from cooked oils etc)

Quinton isotonic minerals (hydration)

Organic raw cacao (magnesium, energy)

Iodine (during and after flying to keep immune system strong)

Goji berries (to re-introduce the zinc you lose whilst flying)

If some things are hard to find, even just an organic tumeric powder is perfect to bring.

These foods are amazing for your health and you can pack the powders into little zip lock bags and each day add some to your water!

When I am feeling exhausted from flying or late nights, I fast. So - you can have an early dinner and then only have water with some sea salt in it until the next day around 11-12pm. I have been doing this for a couple of years but it may be a little difficult when you first start. Even sometimes just having an early afternoon dinner and letting your digestion rest until brunch can really help. Your body is able to rest and heal itself- it is wonderful and really works so well.

Menorca was a beautiful destination that I would go back to for sure. I’d love to even own a house there one day in a peaceful spot with my own fruit trees surrounding the property. If you want to find some peace but also have some fun and connect with friends and partners, this is a lovely choice.