NAME: Lizzie Dingle

WHAT YOU DO: Film Producer and Director

SOCIALS: @lizziedingleofficial

STAR SIGN: Sagittarius

LIVING : Sydney, Australia

LOCATION : Havana, Cuba


Airbnb in the historical district. Normally when traveling I wouldn’t recommend staying right in the heart of the tourist centres but in Havana, it’s not the easiest to get around, so staying in the tourist centre makes getting around so convenient (and you don’t need google maps).


Whilst Cuba is not known for its cuisine there are some good spots. My best tip would be to do your research before you arrive and bookmark some options on google maps and use that as your guide as the internet is almost non-existent.

El Dandy

Part bar, cafe and art gallery, and definitely the best breakfast in Havana.


A car tour around Havana is the best way to see Havana from a local. Our host was there during the Cuban missile crisis, and his insights were fascinating. It's also so much fun to ride around the old cars (just hold your breath in the tunnels).

A day trip to the Vinales. You’ll horse ride through the tobacco fields, learn how to smoke a cigar like a professional, try local rums, and overall the hospitality and views are spectacular.

A night out at Fabrica De Arte. Part art gallery, part nightclub, Fabrica De Arte is such an elective mix of different rooms there is definitely something for everyone. You may end up in a dance battle if you aren’t too careful.


Havana is definitely a place you should buy experiences, not things. Get a taxi to take you to Santa Maria beach and buy yourself a pina colada as you swim in the Caribbean.

If you do have a shopping bug, buy some Cuban cigars and rum (so cheap!), they make the perfect gifts and the cigars last for a few years.


Canadian dollars/ Mexican pesos or Euros - there is an extra charge on converting US currency so best to take another currency.

Exercise gear - this is normally the most redundant item that you pack but if you are horse riding around the Vinales it's a necessity.

Google translate with Spanish pre-downloaded. The best feature for those of us who are not fluent, the internet is a rarity, and although English is fairly well spoken this will tie you over.

Print your travel insurance - Shut up mum! But I am serious, nothing more terrifying that you have no internet and your travel insurance are saved on google drive. Print it!