Copenhagen has the best food, fashion, art and natural wine going at the moment though its distinct approach to design has kept it at the top of our wish list for years now. Cecilie Mengel takes us around town to her favourite bakeries, parks and restaurants (by bicycle of course) so sit back and start dreaming about the perfect cinnamon roll.

NAME: Cecilie Mengel

WHAT YOU DO: Currently career confused, but I help out with different creative projects, work in strategy and am also a graduate student

SOCIALS: @ceciliemengel


LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark


A while back, I used to stay at my girl friend’s place all the time, it kind of served as my second home and I still love spending the night there.

It feels like a little boutique hotel and she is constantly redecorating her apartment, so every time I visit something has changed. It’s a little gem in the heart of Copenhagen (and she rents it out on Airbnb!!). It’s a great excuse for getting a glass of wine at Nebbiolo, the local wine bar which is literally downstairs.

I wouldn’t recommend staying at a hotel in Copenhagen. To get a sense of what a Copenhagen apartment looks like, I would for sure recommend booking an Airbnb.

It’s a great opportunity to check out the surrounding neighbourhood and observe the people living there. It’s something I really like doing myself. It just gives you a different impression of a city.

Copenhagen is easy to get around (rent a bike!!), so stay wherever you think looks

Actually, Hotel Sanders is cool. They only have a limited amount of rooms but that’s what makes it homey. There is an adorable courtyard and their breakfast is yummy.

Unfortunately, it has become kind of an Instagram place, but if you’re ok with that, it’s cute.


Ok, I have to control myself now!

I am obsessed with Friheden. For breakfast, dinner, or a glass of natural wine. Or just all three. The sourdough bread with Vesterhavsost (a danish must-try cheese) is so freaking good!!

Osteria 16 and its sister restaurants Spagetteria and Pizzaria 54 are all places I really like.

It’s rustic Italian. For something a bit fancier: Restaurant Pluto and Pastis.  

Morgenstedet is wonderful. They serve organic, vegetarian dishes and is perfect if you are in the mood for something super low-key.

It’s located in Christania, which is worth a visit either way.

I love Paté Paté and Fiskebaren in the Meatpacking District. It’s also a good place to go out for a beer after.


My apartment in Copenhagen is right behind Gammel Strand, so I love going for a night walk by Frederiksholms Kanal and around Christiansborg when there’s no one else.

Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand is almost right next to where I live and is an exhibition space where I like to pop in whenever the exhibitions change.

Glyptoteket isn’t far away from Gl. Strand. It’s a museum and an oasis.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is about 45 min north from Copenhagen, but it’s worth the train ride. It’s located right next to the water, so when you’ve soaked all the art in you can sit at the café and have a look at Øresund.

This is kind of a secret, but my sanctuary is the Royal Library Garden. It’s between Christiansborg Palace and the Royal Library. I’ve only ever brought three people there because I like to go by myself. It’s an amazing place.

You have to go to Roskilde Festival if you’re in Copenhagen over the summer. There’s a unique atmosphere and all the people who usually hide in their safe zones are partying and having a good time. It’s amazing.

Go to Litauens Plads to have a beer before the sun goes down.

Værnedamsvej has a Parisian feel to it.

The interior store on the corner of Værnedamsvej and Tullinsgade is cool, and Rist serves good coffee.

Go people watch at Gavlen in Nørrebro. The food or coffee is not amazing FYI, but I go there often anyway. It’s on the corner of two crossing streets and right next to a skate ramp. Afterwards, head towards Blågårdsgade. If you want good coffee, go to Andersen & Maillard.

The most important thing to try in Copenhagen is to bike around town. Like, for real.

^^ Cute angel @Chloechill


I don’t really shop in Copenhagen tbh. I mainly just go thrifting.

The Apartment and Beau Marché are amazing stores though, even if it’s just to get inspiration.

Shop at one of the Danish bakeries haha! My friend is a cinnamon roll enthusiast, and I’m pretty sure he’s voted Meyer’s Bakery to have the best one’s in town.

I like Sankt Peders Bageri. It’s Copenhagen’s oldest bakery. Also, Juno The Bakery should apparently be quite amazing too. I haven’t been so I wouldn’t know, but everybody is obsessed and will stand in line for like 45 min just to get a cinnamon roll!


I can’t recommend freezing your butt off so pack something that will keep you warm when you go to Denmark, always.

Also don’t forget an umbrella. You just never know!