Filled with Ottoman mosques, red army monuments and cheese stuffed pastries, Sofia is the under-discovered city that needs to be on your radar.

NAME: Bella Bray


SOCIALS: @bellabray1

LIVING: Melbourne, Australia

LOCATION: Sofia, Bulgaria


We stayed in Sredets! It’s almost in the centre of Sofia and super easy to walk to lots of cafes, museums, and markets!


Bulgarian Banista. A traditional Bulgarian pastry that can be made sweet with stewed apple & walnuts, or savoury with salty cheese!

Stop by any bakery in the morning and grab one when they’ve just come out of the oven.

Mmmm .

Rainbow Factory

A cute café in the centre of Sofia that serves really yum coffee and salads. At lunch they serve a mix of different local dishes that changes daily.

Café Ma Baker

A good place to stop

for all your bakery and fresh juice needs!


Check out the Flea market at Alexander Nevsky Square – It’s on the edge of the city centre, and pretty tiny compared to other flea markets I’ve visited in Europe but super interesting to browse. Filled with antique jewellery, old soviet film cameras, and handmade Bulgarian knick knacks.

When you have finished seeing the city, I’d highly recommend getting the overnight train from Sofia to Istanbul.

A really interesting way to see the landscape change as you move from Bulgaria into Turkey. Visit Cathedral Saint Martin at sunset!


I wouldn’t come to Sofia to shop, though if you’re a thrift store addict like me there’s surprisingly a lot of second hand stores in Sofia, every one I went to was super cheap.


LAYERS AND LAYERS AND LAYERS! If you’re there in winter like I was. It was a standard -8 every day.