There is nothing I love more than reading product recommendation stories. It's up-skilling at it's most achievable level with enough voyeurism to keep me interested. Plus in a 2020 world, having an upsetting amount of shopping tabs open is kind of where we are at when it comes to window shopping.

There is no kind of shopping however, that brings me, nor has brought me the same deep level of joy as the back to school shop after the Summer holidays. True happiness definitely can be found in the form of a fresh highlighter pack. Only cute pinkie colours, no turquoise.

Now as an adult, I want to know what the cool kids are buying ahead of the new work year. What they are using to make their desk pretty, make their meetings easier or just to get them out of bed in the morning. Every little bit helps right?


ALANNA QUIN Founder of Ayu

1. HAY LAVENDAR LAMPSHADE A beautifully designed accompaniment to work alongside.

2. MYRRH INCENSE. Burning incense is a little daily ritual that I like to do before I begin work. Myrrh omits a really soft, sweet and grounding scent.

3. Fresh flowers to fill my CLAYMAN VASE. The more fragrant the flowers the better!

4. My ceramic cup from PROVIDER STORE, for drinking herbal tea from which I drink a lot of throughout the day

5. A GEODE CRYSTAL that sits in our desk to bring all the good energy into our space and products.


SOPHIA ATHAS Director of Hatrik House

  1. MOLESKIN DIARY It's a boring answer but I can't live without my Moleskin diary.

  2. ROLLER'S BAKEHOUSE mug for my morning coffee. I can't even consider starting the day without a coffee by the window.

  3. HAY DESKTRAYS. Cute little desktrays for all my bits and pieces. I am desperate to buy a few sets of them for the office.

  4. CHANEL AIRPOD'S CASE. In a Zoom meeting world Airpods have become my bed friend and something I can't live without.


ANA PITEIRA Founder of Sueño Communications and Reliquia Collective

1. COLINA STRADA DRINK BOTTLE. Drinking 4 litres of water a day is something I am intent on doing this year- original, I know! I am hoping this drink bottle is going to make hydration all the more alluring.

2. PAPIER TIGRE BALLPOINT PEN. I am very specific when it comes to my pen of choice. These ballpoints from Papier Tigre are the perfect ink thickness and fluidity (pen aficionados with understand) and they come in lots of fun colours.

3. Every year I look forward to starting my fresh AN ORGANISED LIFE planner. I don’t know what I would do without it!

4. LIRIKA MATOSHI FACE MASK. Going back to work in Sydney looked a little different this year. I figure if we’re wearing face masks, we might as well make them cute! These are handmade and so special.

5. KOSAS LIP BALM. I know I have 50+ lip balms scattered across several handbags that will all likely stay there until they die... but new year, new lippy! This one will sit on my desk until completion.



Director of Leaf Comms


This bag fits my laptop and is a big January "I'm not ready for the Summer holidays to be over" mood.


If it isn't written in my diary, it doesn't exist.


We're leaving single use plastic bottles in 2020. 4. GANNI SCRUNCHIE I'm partial to a hair tie around the wrist (why does my brain work better with my hair up?) and a cute scrunchie is much more chic than that one gross hair tie that has been floating around since 2014.



Founder of Bread Beauty

  1. BREAD PUFFS - Duh! For hair holding, waterbottle decoration and wrist accessories.

  2. After visiting my family home over Xmas, I have rediscovered the fun and utility of pencil case tins. My pencil tin decor of choice is my probably-now-vintage powerpuff girls case. You can get them on ebay. I'll be keeping all of my important things in there for 2021, like my lip balm, airpods, and no-doz (lol)

  3. Fanny pack. I started wearing bum-bags a few years back (yes, before they were cool, sorry), and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I have 5 that I rotate through - from uber utility and a little pricey, to the one I picked up from the $2 store, to my most worn that I got from the pet store. They're for all the times I have to put up with wearing a dress that doesn't have pockets.