NAME: Chloe Hill

WHAT DO YOU DO: I’m a stylist but also a slashie coz I take photos and do other things too!

SOCIALS: @chloechill STAR SIGN: Virgo

LIVING: Uhhhh this is kind of tricky, I am currently in London! I don’t have a home at the moment, I just float around to different locations.

++ PSA: If you adore Chloe as much as we do, head to her site Cool Pretty Cool (and Insta) for all the best clothes fresh young faces!


An Airbnb in Grey Lynn or Ponsonby.

Grey Lynn and Ponsonby are cute suburban vibes with gorgeous little boutiques and cafe’s. 

There are also cool hotels in the city like M Social however anything close to Britomart is a winner in my books.

The city is super easy to get around and has a bustling urban feel.


Ortolana in Britomart for any meal! Just make sure you try their Apple Cinnamon Tea. 

Amano is amazing which is also in Britomart and specialises in pasta. Definitely order the Caco e Pepe at Amano and get a spritz everywhere you go – Auckland is especially cool as they never use plastic straws.

A bit further out of the city is Kiss Kiss for Thai in a cool neon setting and their sister restaurant Love Exposure for Vietnamese! Also Coco’s Cantina on K road is a fave. 

Dominion Road is also the place to get your dumpling fill!

Vegan donuts from Tart Bakery at Grey Lynn.


Jump in an Uber to the Auckland Museum for a few hours, then explore Ponsonby Road.

Get your nails done at iCandy nails and check out the cute NZ boutiques like Ingrid Starnes & Karen Walker. Then veer slightly off Ponsonby Road to Mackelvie Street to stock up on Lonely Lingerie & Deadly Ponies handbags (They are a cult favourite in NZ!) Then head to K Road for vintage shops and drinks at Coco’s Cantina.


A warm jacket and a sturdy umbrella! I kid you not, the weather is so unpredictable. You can also just head straight to one of Huffer’s many Auckland stores caus they have the best puffer jackets going around. Just saying!