Noun: A first world problem often associated with a state of fatigue caused from prolonged exposure to travel throwbacks.

Symptoms include:

  • Re-sharing of old travel photos captioned “take me back”

  • Addressing COVID-19 as if it had a pulse. Examples include “COVID-19, you ruined 2020”

  • Refusing to cancel international flights slatted for September because things “might get better”


Step into my makeshift office; acknowledge the sunflowers to my left, energy charged quartz to my right, announce your star sign and please take a seat.

Unlike COVID-19, there is a cure for Wanderlust Exhaustion as prescribed by me (a completely unqualified human who made up the term and therefore feels obliged to explore its cure). 

Get reacquainted with your state 

Keep that annual leave firmly in check. Your workplace needs you to take it, your colleagues want you to take it and your mental health is demanding you take it. Where will you go? Head regional.

Sydney-siders, we’re sending you to Orange! All the way to Nashdale Lane. Glamp in elevated luxury amidst the vineyard and lap up all the creature comforts. The cabins are mere 20 metres walk from the Nashdale Lane Wines Cellar Door – you will literally have a cellar a hop, skip and jump away. If Cinderella had a life path instead of a glass slipper, this would be the perfect fit.

Melbournians, Mornington Peninsula is a rite of passage. And you’ve definitely earnt a couple of nights spent at what has been dubbed Australia’s best hotel, Jackalope. Check in, head for the amenities and immediately lather your body in “Vinotherapy”. What is the new age woo woo you ask? The hotel has collaborated with local brand Hunter Lab on a Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub. Suffice to say, you’ll be taken to a new level of exfoliated cleanliness.

Brisbanites, strap in we’re headed to Stanthorpe! Get grounded in the countryside at Diamondvale Cottages. Be surrounded by misty valleys, towering gum trees and a cosy up with crackling fire. 

Explore your neighbouring state 

If your spidey senses are detecting a common theme, they’re correct! Cue Tourism Australia’s “Holiday Here “campaign. Borders are slowly reopening and boutique hotel prices are damn cheap. We’re talking sub $400 for a boujee suite. 

Hotels to add to the hit list?

DIY wellness retreat

Welcome to glow up boot camp. Population: you. Quit double tapping the screen and start sending those love heart vibes to yourself. Personally, I’ve replaced my Wanderlust Exhaustion with a raging Beauty Chef addiction and I’ve never felt better. 

If ingestibles aren’t your jam, endorphins should be. And if the bank account is still hurting post COVID (‘cause #ReducedHours) let me guide you to the land of free Instagram Workouts (please note double taps may now be reinstated)





And if all else fails. Wine. I hear Drnks has you covered.