Render by Benjamin Thomson

It's the time of year for us to reflect on the year that was. Reflect on whether we are still into Prosecco this Christmas? How we wore elasticated pants for 6 months of 2020? Though most importantly, time to reflect on what kind of gift giver we are. Are we the lazily buying a bottle of wine type or are we the type of gift givers we would like to see in the world!

This year we are choosing the later and so we asked sisters and Co-Founders Emma and Lou behind the maximalist home/art/cool-wares brand Jolie Laide, what they would want to gift and be gifted this year.

Cue the Jolie Laide beautiful ugly gift guide...

1. Polspotten Drip Candleholder in Gold Add some melty drippy goodness to your Christmas table

2. Katherine Plumb Celeste Bath Towel in Lavender You loved the cushion, here are the new towels in Katherine Plumbs signature print.

3. Gabriela Noelle Studio Rennie Vase in Sour Apple A Memphis moment; a vase with terrazzo details that looks like it is straight out an 80’s design book.

4. IKO IKO Space cord cover in black A LBCC (Little Black Cord Cover) an elegant addition for your technology.

5. Crying Clover Candles – Tower Trio candle set Each candle is printed with oil pastel transferred, the affect is thoughtful and vivid. Set includes ‘sweet’ family sets.

6. Lime Monster Comb by Rose Greenberg Super sized gorgeously ugly slime cushion by Rose Greenberg.